Website update

If your social media channels are fishing baits, your website is the frying pan.  Engaging content and real-time online interaction are key, but what happens when the consumer bites?  These days it isn't enough for brands to only have a pretty website that hosts their services and contact details.  it is a brand's responsibility to engage their audience further through features such as blogs and mobile optimisation, where content can be expanded and easily shared across news feeds - be it on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

HTML, CSS, CMS - sounds like gibberish to you?  Leave the coding to the experts who do it for a living.  We exclusively design and create your website on Squarespace.  It is the market's most customizable platform providing ease in usability, design, updates and to top it all off - a pretty sweet interface.  You could have an awesome idea and have it uploaded in a matter of clicks.

Take away

A stunning website that is easy to manage and update yourself and is build around
your business offer***

PRICE | $1800

***We exclusively use Squarespace for all new website builds and all website transfers and upgrades.   Domain, email and Squarespace hosting charges will apply.